Camera photos on phone


Does anyone know why my photos are not showing in DCIM\Camera on my mobile phone in DOpus when they are there and can be seen in Windows File Explorer?


Are any files or folders show up anywhere on the phone? Does the status bar indicate anything is being hidden?

What kind of phone is it, and how is it being accessed? (MTP, FTP, etc.)

If you're navigating via the folder tree, try doubleclicking folders in the file display instead to see if that makes a difference.

May have suggestions that help, depending on what's going on:

Hello Leo and thanks.

No files are showing on the phone, only all the folders. It is a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android. I don't know how to tell if it is MTP, FTP, etc. Doubleclicking in the tree
doesn't make it show them.


It's usually MTP.

Try double-clicking in the file display not the folder tree. That sometimes helps with some phones for some reason.

But, as the guide linked above recommends, using FTP for Android is usually preferable as MTP in Android and Windows is still not very reliable or mature (especially with Samsung phones, for some reason). The other suggestions in the guide may also help, but using FTP is the best one in most cases, and means you don't need to use a cable either.

Hello Leo.

That did it. Clicking in the file display showed all the files. Problem solved for me. Maybe a very minor bug to put on the list.

(Incidentally I found the setting on the phone "Use USB for" and it is set to "Transferring media files to a PC via an MTP connection")

I am very grateful to you. As always.
Kind regards,