Can a Floating Toolbar be locked to a particular display monitor?

In my quest to conquer Dopus floating toolbars, I am trying to lock a floating toolbar to always show on the primary display.

  • Increasing all displays to a DPI Scale of 200% moves the locked, floating toolbar to a secondary display.
  • The toolbar returns to the primary display when changing back to the original DPI 100% Scaling.

Will the POS parameter force the toolbar to stay put? Or is there an alternate way?

Toolbar Applications STATE=float POS 1200,80

Thank you in advance for your kind technical support! This is most appreciated!

If you change DPI after docking it, you'll confuse the Windows shell, which can't cope with docked toolbars and mixed DPI mode (which is what you'll be in if you change DPIs without rebooting, even if all screens are set to the same DPI).

Set the DPI you want in Windows, reboot, then place the toolbar, and then save the floating toolbar positions (via the File menu in the Customize dialog, if automatic saving isn't turned on) and it should stay there.

If you're opening the toolbar using the Toolbar command, using the POS argument can also decide which monitor it goes to (but it's ultimately up to the Windows shell).

Avoid mixing multiple DPIs at once like the plague if you want to use docked toolbars. It triggers so many bugs in the shell, including the taskbar appearing in bizarre places.