Can Directory opus 12 just collapse specific groups?

As I know DO can collapse/uncollapse all groups or collapse other groups, what if I just want to uncollapse some specific groups?

Say I have a folder includes many types of files, like *.exe, *.txt, *.doc, *.pdf. When I open this folder I wanna see the whole list of *.doc and *.txt files and keep the *.exe and *.pdf files collaspe (perhaps pdf files is a very long list that I must pagedown several times until I can find the txt file ).

I mean I don't want to hide or filter some type of file, just need to keep them collapsed to minimize the space they occupied and uncollapse the types(more than one) I used more often.


You can use Go GROUPCOLLAPSE="xyz" or the similar GROUPEXPAND to expand or collapse groups by name or wildcard. It might be possible to make those run automatically after changing folders, although I haven't tried it. (It'll depend on whether the grouping is finished before the script event, I think.)