Can DO writie entire IPTC Core data?

I use DO to rename my picture files after first writing the file's original name to the IPTC data's comment field. I'm currently using Adobe Bridge to write IPTC core data to the files as DO appears to allow writing of only Comment, Rating, Tags, Author, Copyright, Subject and Title fields.
The Core data I'd like to be able to write is listed here:
Is there some way DO can write the rest of this data? Or is this something for the wish list?
Robert, Melbourne

I just did what I should have first done: read the manual.
I now see that most of the metadata fields can be written programmatically. A subset of these fields is shown in the metadata pane.
The fields that can be written programmatically are a subset of the IPTC core fields. While it would be nice to have the Contact fields their lack is no serious drawback. I can get all the important information into the file as it is.
So I've answered my own question but thanks for reading.