Can DOpus compare two collections?

Is there a way to have DOpus compare two collections and tell me which files are in one collection but not the other?

Here's what I tried: I tried using the Synchronize feature on the Find panel, but it doesn't seem to be working right for collections. I first created a collection, test1, and put about 20 files in it. I then created another collection, test2, and copied the contents of test1 into it. I then removed a few files from test1, and a few other (different) files from test2. I then ran Synchronize:

When I ran Synchronize on the two collections, it simply wanted to copy every file from each collection into the other. In other words, it failed to identify the identical files; instead, it identified them all as somehow different from themselves:

If stating my reason for this exercise helps, here it is. I don't really want to synchronize anything. I just want to be able to populate a collection from a stored filter, and then at a later time or date populate a different collection from the same stored filter, and then compare the two collections to see what's different between the collections.

Any ideas? (Am I simply using the DOpus Synch feature incorrectly?)

-- Steve

The sync tool doesn't work between collections but if you just want to see which filenames are in one and not the other, use Edit -> Select Other -> Select Source-not-in-Destination.

Hmmmm, I don't see a

Edit -> Select Other -> Select Source-not-in-Destination

It's here on the default toolbars:

It is thinkable (in my phantasy) that such a feature existed. Different named collections are easily created, e.g. by using the file finder. Then synchronizing two collections.. is somewhat reasonable as potential application of the sync tool. (Today i've submitted a feature req re the sync tool. Open Folder-dialogs should be titled "Select Source Folder" instead of "Select Folder", and "Select Destination Folder" instead of "Select Folder.)

Having the generality of Dopus in mind (col://, C:, ..) off the top of my head i would have assumed that synch'ing collections is possible. It's logical to me to think this way. I had already wanted to do such a thing and had thought about it but not tested (yesterday!). Surprisingly it isnt possible.

If you dev's like the idea of synch'ing collections, I'd suggest its implementation.
( Meanwhile the Select command trick is an okay work-around to just compare (not sync!) collections, which is the topic of this thread. )


WOW! We must be using very different DOpuses. I'm using version (Just to be clear, from the boys in Austrailia, right? :open_mouth: )

Here's my Edit menu, which looks downright anemic compared to yours:

Over the years that I've had DOpus, I've rarely changed any of the menus, instead making extensive use of toolbars and buttons, so I don't think it's the case that I've somehow deleted a slew of items from the Edit menu. (But who knows?)

And when I go into Customize mode to see what other Edit-menu commands are available for adding to my Edit menu, I don't find any "Select Source-not-in-Destination" command, or a "Select Other -->" item, either. This is all I see:

Sorry to be so difficult. I'm not trying to be. I'm just getting really confused. I realize that DOpus' extremely flexible configuration possibilities can render one person's DOpus radically different from another's. Maybe that's what's going on here?

And if you have a copy of DOpus 12 there, buddy, then better 'fess up! :wink:

-- Steve

You've turned off the default Opus 10 menus in favour of your menus imported from a previous config. (Which is fine, nothing wrong with that, but that's why you don't see the new menus; you turned them off. :slight_smile:)

If you look in the toolbar list there's a Menu toolbar that you can turn on, grab the item you want and move it to your menus.