Can favourites be locked in place?

If im scrolled way down a directory tree, i have to scroll all the way to to the top to get to favourites. It would be much more useful if there was some way to lock them in position so they were permanently visible even when scrolled down a large folder tree>

You can stop the whole tree scrolling, but can't prevent only part of it from scrolling.

Accessing favorites via a toolbar or menu is better if you want them to always be available. They are in the star icon next to the path field by default, but you can place them (as well as links to individual folders if you only want quick access to certain things) anywhere on your toolbars or inside the menus.

How do i add them to a toolbar? Ive added a toolbar, and tried dragging a folder from favourites to it, and it doenst add a button or anything?

Dragging individual folders should work, as long as you are still in Customize mode. (You need to be in Customize mode to edit toolbars, to prevent accidental changes when just trying to use the program. You would have been in Customize mode when the toolbar was created, but may have exited it afterwards.)

If you want the Favorites list itself on a toolbar, you can find the item which generates it inside the default favorites menu. Right-click that (while in Customize mode) and you can copy & paste it to another place on your toolbars. You can also drag items around in Customize mode (hold Ctrl to copy them instead of moving them).

Ahh, i wasnt in customise mode - great thank you :slight_smile: