Can hidefilter operate on the folder tree too?

Hello.. I was wondering..
Can the Folder format's "Hide Filter", folders somehow operate on the tree?
You see, I have some folders I don't want/need to see, but at the same time I need to see hidden folders and protected system files.

My current filter for root folders: ($RECYCLE.BIN|RECYCLER|System Volume Information|RECYCLED)

I'd like to somehow get it to filter those from the tree too, and not only the fileview.

The hide filter only affects the file display. However, there is an option to hide system folders from the tree which might get you what you want (as those four folders are all system ones).

Thats the problem. There are no option to hide system folders, only "hidden files" and "protected system files", which I mentioned I need/want to see.

If there are such an option I didn't find it.

Maybe there should be a "hide system root folders" or something (which matches the filter I mentioned, as those are all in the root, and the variations are present on xp and up).
They are rather annoying, especially the $Recycle.bin (W7 is installed on a separate drive) as it is the topmost folder on all drives.

I don't see why the recycle* iterations are there in the first place though, as I don't use the recycle bin on any drive on any OS, but windows keeps creating them.

The "system files" option in Explorer controls whether or not they're shown in the Opus tree. Sorry, I forgot there wasn't a separate option in Opus for it.

Opus just displays what's there. Not sure when/why the OS creates those folders.