Can I add the Settings-Field-System property to the metadata window

At present, press F9 to open the metadata window. Only part of the basic attributes and three extended attributes such as label, grade and comment can be displayed. Can you add Settings-Field-System Attributes to the metadata window? Sometimes you need to know some metadata of the file without opening Settings separately. Then drag the selected file to Settings. It is also recommended to display different metadata when selecting different types of files.

System file attributes are already shown in the Metadata panel for all file types:


If you mean something else, please specify.

Which Settings do you mean?

It already does that.

At present, only a few types of files such as images can display more metadata information, I mean to set the Windows system to provide various file types shell attributes integrated into the metadata window, so that no matter what type of file is selected, the most complete metadata information can be displayed, rather than only displaying the standard attributes and extended attributes, as is the case now!

We may extend it to display more read-only data, but currently we see the file display columns and info-tips as the places to view that.

The metadata panel, at least currently, is geared toward editing data (where Opus knows how to edit it for a given format).