Can I assign a keyboard shortcut to a folder group?

I have a folder group I frequently load. Currently I have to right click on a tab, go to groups, slide over, select the group. Is it possible to assign a kb shortcut to this group?

As I type this, the idea of custom buttons came to mind. Is it possible to assign a specific folder group to a custom button?

You can put a command like Go TABGROUPLOAD="my tab group" on a button or hotkey to do this.

Thanks Leo. It's funny how close I came to that just trying to guess the command. I had tried Go GROUP, and Go TABGROUP

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

No need to guess. There is a manual that lists everything, and the button editor's menus give a list of all the possible arguments.

I searched through those, and couldn't find it. Obviously, I overlooked it but I did search.