Can I change directory from a button in a floating toolbar?

On a standard non-floating toolbar, I have various buttons that change the directory in the active panel. They have the standard form:
Go "D:\Folder A\Folder B\Folder C"
Yesterday I created a shiny new floating toolbar (opened by the global hotkey Ctrl+Shift+X) and moved some of these commands to it. I forgot, of course, that the toolbar is no longer connected to a particular lister. When I run one of these buttons now, it does what it should do now --- it opens a new default lister (dual in my case), then changes the directory of the active panel to "D:\Folder A\Folder B\Folder C".

Before I admit defeat and move the buttons back to the non-floating toolbar where they came from, is there a way to write a floating-toolbar button that will change the directory in the active panel of the last-used lister?

At least here, it seems to do what you want already.

A button which runs e.g. "Go D:" changes the existing window to D:\ if there is one and only opens a new one if there isn't.

It may depend if the existing window is dual display or not.

Thanks for those remarks. Reporting back --- it seems to be more complicated than I first thought, and I can't reliably predict whether each button will change directory in the last-active lister, or open a new lister. It doesn't seem to depend reliably on single-pane or dual-pane display, or on whether there are one or more listers open, or on whether a lister or some other programme had the focus before I called the floating toolbar using Ctrl+Shift+X. Apologies for probably missing something obvious.

No worries though. I have copied the buttons back to the non-floating toolbar, which after all is a far more sensible place to have them.

It should apply to whichever lister or file-display is in the Source state. (If there is none in the Source state, another lister will be chosen, and if there are no listers then a new one will be opened.)