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Can I change my license to new computer


Hello I'm not English native language. So, if I write something wrong, I'm sorry about that.

I have a question about license of my "Directory Opus 12 Light" license. I buy the license from from bundle name "Humble Lifehacker Software Bundle!". I already install and redeem my Key.

But I have a question. Can I move my "Directory Opus 12 Light" to new computer when I buy new computer in the future.
I try to find the answer from FAQ but I cannot see something like my question.

Thank you


It's not Windows OEM. :slight_smile: Licenses of most programs are not tied to motherboard or any specific hardware, they're for user. So no matter how many times you'll change your computer or computer components - it's your program and it's your valid license. As far as you'll using Opus on single computer.


Yes you can, simply uninstall from your old machine and reinstall on your new machine. See the Licencing FAQ for more details.


Thank you for your help.

And Licensing FAQ already answer more of my question.