Can I change these three options?

Alright so, I have recently moved from File Explorer to Directory Opus. It is good, but there are three things I want to change, and I do not know how to.

First thing is the "Downloads" folder being sorted by most recently added. It annoys me how the folders are on top and the files are below.

Second thing is having settings for each folder. For example, the Downloads folder should be in Details mode and most recent, while my Projects folder should be in Thumbnail mode and by name.

Third and final thing is the left navigation panel expanding. I find this very annoying and when I try closing it, it brings me back to another folder.

If these are all possible, please tell me how I can do them. I am new at this, so sorry of something sounds off.

The first two things (which are really the same thing) are handled by the Folder Formats system; there's a guide to it here:

The last thing, if I understand you correctly, you can solve by turning off the Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Automatically expand to current folder option.