Can I create a RMB to create a NFO filetype file?

Right now, I have a function of an icon that displays, via the RMB, a list of available options that many have posted here under plugins (thanks).

I want to include, like the creation of a new folder from the clipboard, a filetype with the extension of NFO instead of TXT.

Similarly, the default ability of Dopus to take the clipboard with "control-V" and create a TXT file called "clipboard", I would like to change it to a file extension of NFO.

Can anyone tell me how this would be done. I have looked through the functions and could not find anything.

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I suppose no answer is still an answer....

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For a stand alone right mouse button option to create a .NFO file, I first gave this a try from a Dopus CLI prompt -> Filetype NEW=.nfo but it didn't do anything. I think this sort of command only works in Dopus if you have the file type already available as an option under the standard Windows right-click New menu...

So, if you also don't have such an option on the Windows New right-click menu (it's registered as an MSInfo Document on my system) then you can download Tweak UI from Micosoft's Power Toys for Windows XP websitesite. Install it, start it up, and then go to Templates on the left pane, click the Create button on the right, and then point to an existing .NFO file on your system. After you've done this, you'll need to stop and restart the dopus process (Exit from the SystemTray icon), and the command above will then work.

Automatic .NFO file creation instead of .TXT when you do a <CTRL+V> sounds like a feature request... similar to how we currently have an option of what type of image file to create when doing a <CTRL+V> when there is a picture in the clipboard (from a print screen).