Can I do these things in DOpus with a dual monitor setup?


I'm thinking about upgrading to a dual monitor setup.

What can I do in DOpus with a dual monitor setup?

Are the following two things possible in DOpus with a dual monitor setup?

  1. Files and folder displayed on monitor #1 with the standalone viewer window on monitor #2 which automatically updates when the selected file is changed on monitor #1?

  2. Folder #1 open on monitor #1 and folder #2 open on monitor #2 - drag and drop files between the different folders on each monitor.

Hope the above makes sense.

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Except for how windows maximize and a few other things, having multiple monitors under Windows is just like having one big monitor. Anything you can/can't do now will be the same with multiple monitors. So:

  1. You can't do that, since you can't have a standalone viewer window which tracks the selection in a separate lister window. You can, however, make a big lister window which covers both screens, then turn on the viewer pane and resize it so the file display takes up the left screen and the viewer pane takes up the right screen. You could then save that as a Layout to allow you to recall it whenever it was needed.

  2. You can do. Just have two lister windows (or one big dual-display lister window which covers both monitors).

Is it possible to decide on which monitor a list opens by default?

yes it is working perfectly!