Can I fix display widths in a style?

I would like to set up some custom styles which set up the width of the displays and viewer pane either as a percentage or an absolute value of pixels. It doesn't seem to be possible.

Save layouts nearly give me what I want but I don't want to change folders.

Is there a way to do this or a workaround using command script?


You can make a button which adopts a layout for the current lister without changing the paths:


Replacing Moo with the name of the layout.

This includes turning on the viewer pane and sizing the file and viewer panes according to the layout.

If you want it to move the window as well, change size to size,pos

Perfect, that's just what I wanted. Thanks very much. Using this I've now been able to make a row of buttons for different lister layouts that don't change the folders I'm in.

I was thrown a bit with this at first because some of my saved layouts were maximised and the LAYOUTTHISLISTER=size does not treat that as full screen size. I rectified this by "restoring down" those layouts (to use Windows terminology) and dragging them back to the full screen size.

By the way Nudel, your "Getting to know it" guide is awesome. Thanks.