Can I get a button to do this

You have a feature that allows me to copy the filename and or filename and path etc....

What i would like to know... if i go to a specific folder (lets say \computername\sharename\files) can i create a button or a shortcut key to copy to the clipboard "" where X is the dir structure of the file in question without the computername or sharename in it?

So if i highlight a file called picture.jpg it would copy to clipboard the following:

Also if i want a file called

\computername\sharename\files\morefiles\picture.jpg should come out as ... icture.jpg

I often put files on my local website and want to paste the link to it to people to get the files they want. However I have to manually type in my URL and everything else and i figure something like this would come in quite handy.


Have a look at this thread:


The issue with quotes shouldn't matter if you don't need quotes to appear in the result.


works great.... with one little exception

if a files is located in \somecomputer\someshare\files\morefiles\picture.jpg

the setclip will only copy the filename, and not the path after files.... so if i want the final result to be:

Is there a way to jerry-rig something? or is this the best I will get?


You'd have to write some VBScript or similar, and pass it the full path, to take the full path and only keep the bits of if you wanted.

Opus can supply the names or full paths to the selected file(s) plus the path to the current directory, so all the required information is available, but it'll take some scripting to separate what you want from what you don't want.