Can I modify the Confirm File replace dialog box?

Watch Working with multiple Opus windows/listers (video tutorial), it will quickly get you up to speed with the source/destination concept.

[quote="nmccamy"]The UPDATE ALL command is NOT what I want based on its description:
The UPDATEALL command only copies files that: a) do not exist already in the destination, or b) do exist in the destination but are different from the files in the source.

I want existing files to be updated if they are older, not different.[/quote]

If you read two sentences after that you'll see this:

A file is defined as being different if its timestamp or size has changed - the contents of the file itself are not compared.

Seems like what you want to me.

[quote="nmccamy"]Something so simple seems so complicated. Here is the xcopy command I use:

xcopy "Source*." "Destination*." /S /D /C /H /R /Y[/quote]

That xcopy command is just as complicated as anything we are talking about in Opus. Let's not confuse complexity with familiarity!

You can run xcopy via Opus if you really want to, but for this I think the Copy UPDATEALL command does what you want already.

Who said it was hard?