Can I remove the "Previous" style tab?

What is the concept of the "Previous" style tab? Why do listers always startup on this tab? Why not just startup on a default tab or whatever tab was previously used? If I click "Set As Default Lister" with the Explorer tab selected, then the Explorer tab should be selected when I start a new lister.

This tab is supposed to "Reset to initial Lister appearance" so perhaps it would make more sense if it was called "Initial" or "Original" instead of "Previous". However, it doesn't even reset the sort order or view mode if these have changed, and I think a function like this should be a toolbar button rather than a style tab. Is there any way that I can remove this tab?

I'm not sure what is going on with the "Previous" Style. I used to have it in Opus 8. I recently installed Opus 9, and the "Previous" Style is no longer displayed. I also do not see it in the list of styles in the Preferences -> Lister -> Styles dialog. I see that there is a considerable amount of discussion about this style on the forum. Am I missing something, or has the program been updated to remove the "Previous" Style? I am running version, Jun 8 2007.

The 'Previous' style tab is gone by default in Opus 9, although you can add it back. Here's what the Release Notes say:

There is also a styles_update_previous setting under Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advances which may be relevant.

Okay that sounds easy. I am a newbe with Opus and I can't seem to find where I would add this argument. Where do I find the "Style Tab field (via the Args field)" to make the addition?

Enter customize mode and edit the style tab placeholder.

Thank you tanis. That was pretty easy. Now I know another right-click route of clicking on the placeholder. Thanks again. I have another question about the internal graphics viewer but I will try to find the appropriate thread to post it to.