Can I scan?

I haven't decided to download yet. Switching from Paperport... Does Opus scan my documents and pictures from scanner? Thanks.

No - Opus is a file manager, not a document manager.

You could create a button in Opus which launches a scanning program, telling it to put the result in the current directory.

(Assuming there is a scanning program which has a command-line interface. I expect there are some but I've not looked for one and could be wrong.)

As Leo says, completely different software with little overlap.

You will be pleased to know that, unlike some software, PaperPort invokes DOPus when you tell it to "Launch Explorer".

When you are in DOPus you will find that its "thumbnail" feature cannot render .max files. (At least, I haven't found out how to do it.) But that is a dying format that is still in PaperPort only for the benefit of users with old stuff lying around.

It would be nice if PaperPort's own "file management" features were more in line with Windows standards, with "Right click" functions like "Move to" etc. Maybe in the next version.