Can I stack the copy progress dialogs?

Is it possible to have just one copy progress dialogue windows with multiple copies like windows does? I have just switched back to DOpus to get rid of the Multiple windows on my desktop so would like to have all my live copies in one window?

Additionally can I get copies to only do one at a time and just queue them up?

The Jobs Bar might be what you want if you want a minimal overview of multiple copy operations without multiple windows.

You can configure it under Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators.

It will give you a bar at the bottom of the lister (under the file display) which is a bit like a taskbar for progress dialogs, showing the % complete of each one, and letting you click them to show or hide the dialogs themselves. There's an option to not open the dialogs by default, and only show progress on the bar.

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That is great, thank you.