Can I use german and english version?


i want to buy this nice program. Because I'm german I want to buy the german version of your german partner. My question is: When I buy this version can I also use the english version with the registry key of the german version. I want to use both language version.

Is this possible?


I want to use german or english version. That means I have only one version on my computer. But the community support of english versions is better so it would be good when I could use the english version.


Yes you can use either - the program is the same, and you can select which language you wish to use from the Preferences.


thanks. Yes I have the test german test version and I can choose the english. But can I download the original english version (from the english site) and can I use my registry key. I have read that the german version has some different dll-files...

So I hope that I can use my registry key for the enlish original version and the german original version. So I could use the german on my PC and the english (with better community support) could I use on my laptop (with the Laptop licence).

Thanks a lot.

You can use your registration with both installers as the main program files are the same.

I think the main difference is which language the online help is in. There are also translated versions of a one or two plugin DLLs which still have hard-coded strings (the Raw Digital Camera plugin's config window is the main difference).

(Most of the plugin DLLs are the same for both versions and change languages automatically when you change languages in Opus.)