Can I use PlugIn for burning?


any possiblility using this plugin?

Thanks a lot.


The users on that site don't recommend that plugin it would seem - the consensus is that this is the one of choice:

Currently I don't think you can use the plugin with Opus - perhaps one day Opus might support plugins from TC but looking through the list there's not many I can see being useful.

Using the Nero toolbar (assuming you have Nero) is a convenient way to burn cds/dvds from within Opus.

No, you can't use TotalCommander plugins with Opus.

For CD burning you might want to check out the Gus's popular guide to creating a toolbar which allows you to burn files from Opus via Nero:

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I always liked the idea of the NeroOpus toolbar... but I very often need to burn CD's/DVD's with data layed out on the disc differently than my hard drive, and I don't want to physically move stuff around on my hard drive to 'stage' it for burning via NeroOpus.

I am delighted to report that data added from different folders and drives to an Opus File Collection seems to burn just fine! Does anyone know of any caveat with doing this?

I don't think there's any caveat - I have burnt a lot of cds/dvds using collections and am yet to find an issue.

Thanks Tanis... I like doing it this way MUCH better than using the Nero interface for regular data discs.