Can it only work in the fixed drives?

the default option "Open the listers that were open when the program was last closed" is well, it let me can open my last folder quickly, but I ususally access my NAS folder before shutdown computer, and my NAS shutdown too. When next startup, it take more time to be operated while accessing my NAS folder, for it doesn't exist right now.

So can it only work in the local fixed drives? If not, can you add a option in the new version?

Use these settings:

thanks, it works, but not work so well. It still look for the last path(it takes some seconds), and let me to choose whether or not to read the content. Can it forget the last shutdown path when it not in the fixed drives?

I don't think there's a way to do that currently.

FWIW, I believe it's the breadcrumbs path field which causes the delay with non-existent network folders. (Something on the to-do list, but not solved yet.) If you swap it for one of the more simple path fields the delay may go away (but you lose the breadcrumbs feature, of course).