Can it to build the beta release for the Chinese version?

For now, chinese specific version can only be update when stable release available, can you just make the beta version to be able for the chinese users?
because unlike other software, dopus's beta is not just add the unstable new functions, it also fix a lot's of bugs, this is very important. For example the latest beta has fix the Win8 bug that make me use right-click menu instead of the double click to open file with metro apps.


I'll see if we can update the language libraries and if we can put out a beta for the chinse special versions next week.

I've updated the chinese language files and the Beta versions of Chinese are available here.

(NOTE: THESE VERSIONS ARE ONLY for users who have purchased the special Chinese specific versions from our Chinese Reseller)


Directory Opus x86 (Chinese, 32 bit)
Directory Opus x64 (Chinese, 64 bit)