Can no longer drag URL from Chrome address bar to Opus

I can no longer drag a url from Chrome address bar to any directory in D.Opus. I can drag it into Windows Explorer or onto Desktop without issues. I reinstalled Chrome/ cleared cookies, disabled all apps etc without success.

When I drag the url from the address bar, it looks like it is going to do what it used to do and the cursor goes to the DOpus directory location, when i release it it just doesn't create the link anymore. Any suggestions? thanks

It's still working here.

Make sure Opus is not running elevated (UAC), or Windows will block other things from dropping on it unless they are also elevated.

Make sure you're creating the link in a normal folder, not an archive, library, collection etc. which might complicate things.

Thanks, I changes UAC to 'always notify me' and all is good no matter where i want to save it to, ...magic !

The system-wide UAC setting should not affect whether Opus is elevated or not.

But you shouldn't run the whole Opus process elevated if UAC is turned on. See Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC for details.

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I've found running many programs as elevated seems to cause issues with them interacting with other programs.