Can not adjust 1 of my 5 column's at all?

I have a lister with 5 column's. The 3rd column is "created date". I can not widen that column at all. I dont even get a cursor to drag it wider. The odd thing is that I CAN adjust the other 4 column's just fine. I can not find any setting that is causing this to happen. Please advise ... See attached photo.

Also on another note (same topic) is there some quick way to save the column format that I have created ?

Thank you all
Dopus v12.12 x64
build 6961

In Folder > Folder Options... you probably set this column to "collapse":

You can save the column format that you have created by clicking the "Save..." button.

As per the other thread, please update to the latest version and link your account.

I understand why you want me to link the account, but are you also saying you no longer offer support for v12.12 ? I did pay a lot for it when I bought it and I do not always like to update applications that are working fine and I know how to use.... * shrug *

If it's working fine and you know how to use it, there's no reason to update or ask questions, right?

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12.12 is a version a lot of pirates are using, and you seem unable to link your account, even though it only takes a few seconds to do so.

Please come back when you're updated and have linked. We will not answer questions otherwise.

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