Can not download 12.10

I can not download 12.10.

Updating with DO get no response. and downloading from web page has "502 Bad Gateway/nginx".
Is it my side problem?

Yes, all works well here.

There could be a regional issue with the CDN.

Which part of the world are you in?

Korea(South) : update with DO, download from url.
China and Mexico : download from url.
But, all country show same reply.

I have exactly the same problem from Japan.

Could you please both open a command prompt, and run the command tracert - then paste the output (as text) here so I can forward it to our CDN provider. Thanks!

thanks for reply.
here it is.

Trace complete.

fixed this problem

Sorry. new user limitation prevent many links.

Our CDN provider have made a change and they ask if you could please try the download again.

12.10 is installed.
Thank you.

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