Can not save my chosen layout format

I think the best way to explain what I mean is to show some screenshots.

Here is the layout I want to have. I chose to show Images for my directory listing. I am using Directory Opus 11.17

This layout will stay like this until I close the program. When I start it again my chosen layout is gone and it reverts to this.

This happens all the time and I have not figured out how to make this stop. Any suggestions here would be welcome. Thank you.

In the Opus standard tool bar "Menu", you can use the option "save as default lister" (or similar). Then, in -> settings -> preferences -> Launching Opus -> Startup, you can set Opus to use that default lister.

Here you can find more details about how to work with layouts:!Documents/Prefs/Layouts.htm!Documents/Layouts1.htm

Thank you. I tried exactly that and the darn thing didn't work.

How do you start Opus? By desktop double click, the task bar? You can find separate settings for those.

You could also look, if -> settings -> preferences -> folders -> folder behaviour -> enable folder content type detection is set. If so, try to uncheck that option.

Which of these are you aiming for:

[ul][li] Make Opus always open in thumbnails mode by default?[/li]
[li] Make Opus always open the way you last used it?[/li]
[li] Make a specific layout you can open for special occasions that uses thumbnails, without changing how it opens in other situations?[/li]
[li] Make Opus always open a particular folder in thumbnails mode?[/li]
[li] Something else?[/li][/ul]

They are all possible, but I'm not sure which is wanted here.

I got it everyone. Thank you for your help in this matter. Your tips were very beneficial.