Can Opus find duplicate folders?

Can Opus find duplicate folders?

My HDs are in a bit of a mess and need a good sort out and prune. I know i have redundant duplication of folders, and it would be great if i could use Opus to find duplicates simply via folder name.

Is it possible?

Thanks for any help.

Only duplicate files.

As i thought, thanks leo

Hello, I have the same problem. Any chance you will include that option in an upcoming release?


Agreed, this would be a future that would allow me to live most dangerously too

This is what you are looking for:

Find QUERY kind:folders filename:"{dlgstring}"

Put that into a button and you are good to go. It will find duplicates of the specified folder. Do note that it searches the folder you are currently in plus any subfolders. If you want to check the entire PC, go to My PC. I also highly recommend indexing (via windows indexing) any location you are going to search if not done so already.

It might be easier to find duplicates by enabling flat view grouped and simply hiding files if you aren't aware of the dupes names.

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If you just want to search for folders with a particular name, that's very easy, but I've been assuming the aim is to find any folder that contains exactly the same files as another folder.

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