Can Opus select toolbars (and TB sets) on a per folder basis?

I'd like to be able to select toolbars (and TB sets) on a direct 'per folder' basis, with this binding overriding all other toolbar determination methods.

I know toolbars can be specified based on a folder's 'File Display Mode' (in Preferences), but I also want to be able to specify them directly, to help with the processing of outlier folders. This might be akin to using a 'Folder Path Format' for defining the format of a particular folder.


Folder formats can change the toolbars, which is the way to do this.

I have a tab-driven interface. In some cases, tabs share the same folder format (i.e., List view), but require different toolbar configurations. In cases like this, folder formats are inadequate for specifying the toolbars for a specific tab / folder.

It would seem to me that the ability to link a toolbar configuration with a specific folder is a bit of a no-brainer, if at the very least, to deal with outliers or exceptions, as listed above.

Is this a capability which may be added to Opus at a later date ?


A folder format can link a toolbar configuration with a specific folder.

Yes, but I'd like to link a specific 'folder' with a specific 'toolbar configuration'. In the case I mentioned above, the 'folder formats' of the different folders were the same, thus, not satisfying the uniqueness requirement.

I need a 'unique' identifier (like folder name or folder ID) in order to make a 1:1 link between a specific 'folder' and a specific 'toolbar configuration'.


A don't understand the distinction between a folder and a 'folder' I'm sorry.

You can define a specific folder format that applies to a specific folder and switches to a specific toolbar configuration when you navigate to that specific folder.

"List" is a view mode, not a folder format.

Folder formats can control a lot of things in addition to the view mode.

Hi Leo, a picture is worth a thousand words. It looks like this feature has been added to the folder format dialog box in version 12. Now, I can indeed use the 'folder format' to link a 'toolbar configuration' to a specific 'folder tab' ! :thumbsup:

Before I get my hopes up though, can you confirm that this is actually the case, and that it's not somehow related to the different versions of Windows we're using. Then I'll upgrade to v12 !


Far be it from me to stop you from upgrading, but it looks like it was in v11, too. ... ormats.htm

Are you going to the following location?

Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats

Hi Ric, thanks for your help with this - works like a charm now!

In the screenshots below are the 2 very similar dialog boxes for modifying folder formats (Opus v11). The 'Edit Format' dialog box includes the ability to select Toolbars, while the 'Folder Options' dialog box does not.

Since you're also running Opus v11, can you confirm whether the absence of the toolbar selector in the 'Folder Options' dialog also occurs on your installation? Just want to make sure that this absence is not related to any of my preferences, or something else.


I'm running DOpus 12. I forgot to update my profile. I'll fix that right now.

And, even in DOpus 12, it's the same as what you're seeing in 11.

Awesome, thanks.