Can scripts be written in JScript as well as VBScript?

Can all scripting events and object in Dopus being interpreted by JScript as well as VBscript?
Is it just a matter of using the right format for writing the script down in the CLI?
This is still not obvious for me....

Yes, you can use either JScript or VBScript. All of the scripting objects and events are designed to work with both of them, so you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

(These days, I'd recommend JScript unless you already know VBScript, since JScript is a subset of Javascript, and Javascript will be much more useful in other places, since it's what web browsers run as well.)

Thanks for your quick reply Leo. Now it is far more obvious for me. Have a nice day...

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We also tag the scripts in the Buttons/Scripts area here at the forum with which language they're written in, which should help if you're looking for examples in a particular language: