Can search skip subfolders and then if no hit go back throug

I do not know the difference between Windows Exporer search and DO search. However, it seems that WE runs the search at different levels, going deeper and deeper into the folder structure at each pass. However, it seems that DO starts at the first folder, and if you have it set to search subfolders, it goes all the way to the bottom of the subfolders before moving to the next folder.
I can tell a difference in speed between DO and WE. For example, if I have a folder named XX, 1 level deep: WE finds it in about 2 seconds, DO finds it in about .0002 seconds. HOWEVER, if that folder is a few levels deep or alphabetically at the end of a long line in a large folder, WE takes about 5 seconds and DO takes about 5 minutes. This is because, I believe, WE searches the first level in alpha order and then searches the second level in alpha order, then the third, etc. But DO seems to run it differently. I think I have described the problem...

the question is: can I change the search behavior any more than checking the few boxes in the search window?

BTW - I am running the trial version but I am DEFINITELY buying this bad-boy. It kicks @$$!!

Hi there jmkeuning... welcome to the forums, here's my two cents:

While I haven't run any tests to observe or confirm the sort of differences you're mentioning here - I'm totally willing to take your word for it. I don't think there is any way to change the behavior and not sure I see it as a problem so much as a difference. Yes, if you're searching for something that might only be 1 or 2 levels down under a sub-folder structure from the common root of the search, it could then take Dopus longer to find what windows would find. But then again, if you're looking for something that is 10 levels down and happens to be in the 2nd. relative folder under the common root of the search operation which happens to contain 150 folders - then the winner would clearly be Dopus.

I think this makes for an interesting feature request. An option to recurse initial paths vs. traverse relative folder levels. It caters to the user who's performing a search from the most convenient common root folder but who might know some general details about the location of what he's looking for. It might also be a case for an option that could restrict a search operation to a certain relative folder depth from the root of the search - i.e. include sub-directories but only search 'xx' levels down from root.