Can the expand state be memorized?

Hi, is there a way to achieve this or maybe a workaround?
For some complex folder structures, getting to the right expand folder is just energy-consuming. If the folder can be revealed just as the last time the app exits or computer shuts down, it will save a lot of work.

Is this about expandable folders in the Opus 13 public beta, or the folder tree, or something else?

Yes, leo, it is about expandable folders in the Opus 13 public beta

OK, I've moved it into the correct forum area.

But that kind of expandable folder is only intended to be a temporary thing. I guess it could be remembered but that was never how it was designed. Maybe in the future, but not in the near future.

Thanks, Leo. Expandable folder is very useful, please don't make it a temporary thing. Just the way it is now is good enough.
I guess I can image the difficulties involving in this request. As far as I can tell, when the root folder in the lister changes back and forth, it's hard to implement a standard remembered state.
Definitely not a near future request!