Can the line of a selected file completely be marked


Is there a setting that brings about a complete blue background of the line where the selected file resides. At the the moment the blue background is only as long as the name of the file or directory; cf. the attached PNG.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, the various options that control this are in Preferences / File Display Modes / Details under File selection / highlighting style.

One benefit of only highlighting the name column is that when you click anywhere else, it takes you to the parent directory.

@playful: The Dblclick-action in empty place can be set individually (I set to switch between list- and thumbview), but AFAIK "go to parent" is not enabled by default.

@Sasa You're probably right, don't recall if that's the default.
So for the record in case wervierat is interested, the setting is Prefs / File Displays / Mouse / Double-click on file display BG / Go to Parent, or even better, Run "ListerDoubleClick_UC" which adds cool functionality to shift and ctrl + double-click BG.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed their help.