Can the list of selected files be written to a specific File

I want to pass the list of selected files to a text file {f!|filem)
I want to specify the text file location and name.

If possible I don't want to use dos.

It's a little crude but the following seems to work. Just make sure you set the button function type to

MS-DOS Batch Function

@runmode hide @set N = {dlgstring|Enter new file name to copy selected file names to} @set P = {Rd|Choose Folder for new file} @nofilenamequoting echo {f}>>"{$P}{$N}.txt"

If the file name you choose already exists in the folder you choose, then the selected names will be appended to the file. If the file does not pre-exist then a new file will be created.

I need a non-ms dos example though.

Why isn't DOS suitable? Does something not work as a result?