Can the pdf be viewed in viewer pane?

Hello all,
Can the pdf be viewed in viewer pane? whenever I click on a pdf, it opens adobe and does not show anything in viewer pane.
How can disable/enable from opening with adobe? Only upon double clicking it should open with adobe and one click it should show in viewer pane.

Hope somebody can help me out.

thank you,

Easy to fix: ... pdf+viewer

Thanks Nudel,
Actually i did search and went through that posting. But indirectly that fix affects my other comfort which is not to open pdfs in a browser.

If I enable it according to the fix, then pdfs will open within the browser. Is there a work around of having viewer pane facility and non-browser option?



Nope. Well, not unless you view PDFs with some other software, anyway. It's up to Adobe Reader and not something Opus has any control over.

It is weird. In my office desktop, when I have the following settings:
Adobe>edit>preferences>Display in browser checked
All pdf files opens in viewer pane in Opus when i single click on them.

But when I have the same setting in my laptop, it opens the adobe. Totally confused. Have made some other tweaking in laptop than desktop?

help please.


Take Opus out of the picture for a moment. What happens when you view PDF files in Internet Explorer? Do they open in the browser?

We've seen a few cases where anti-virus/anti-spyware programs get in the way of embedded ActiveX stuff and cause things to open in separate windows when they would have opened in-place but I don't know if that's what's happening for you. On most systems it just depends on the "display in browser" setting within Adobe Reader.

Yes as you said, pdfs did not open in browser eventhough I had the settings enabled in adobe. I am running Norton, and Zonealarm in laptop while in desktop run a different antivirus program alone.

Maybe that's what interefering as you said. Guess i have to live with it. Right?


FWIW, NOD32 causes no problems at all. You don't have to live with anti-virus/spyware/firewall software that breaks things (though we can't blame Norton/ZA for sure, to be fair to them).