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Can the RAR plugin not work independently?

Now I have processed all the compressed files with DOpus, so I want to uninstall WinRAR. However, when I compress the files, DOpus prompts cannot work and needs WinRAR plugins. Sometimes, when I'm dealing with compressed files, WinRAR will also run automatically in the background.

Can the RAR plugin not do all the work of compression and decompression alone?

Decompression is independent.

Compression requires WinRAR as there is no other way to compress RAR files* (only WinRAR.exe or RAR.exe). There is no RAR compression library/component which other applications can use. Even if someone wanted to pay to licence one; it doesn't exist. This is why most tools treat RAR as read-only (or require the RAR/WinRAR tools for compression).

(*There was another tool a long time ago, which I think reverse engineered the compression algorithm, but it hasn't been updated in 10-20 years and wouldn't produce the same output as modern versions of WinRAR.)

The archives plugin config lets you specify where to find WinRAR.exe if you want to keep a copy in a different place, e.g. for portable versions.

If you want something standalone, stick to the 7z or Zip formats, which don't suffer from that limitation.

I understand, thank you very much!

That's enough. As long as the decompression can run independently, and I choose 7z or Zip formats when compressing, I can use DOpus completely, because I can't stand the advertisement of WinRAR.

In addition, if WinRAR is upgraded to the new version, decompression is also independent?

WinRAR isn't used at all for decompression. It's done through either unrar.dll or 7z.dll, in the Opus VFSPlugins folder. unrar.dll is the default at the moment.

Those can usually be updated to newer versions if you want to, unless they change the API in some way. We update the ones we bundle where it seems suitable, but you can usually copy other versions over the top.

Thanks a lot!