Can the various log files be accessed in code editors?

I mean the log files such as File Logs FTP logs etc found in utility panel.
I much prefer accessing these in my code editor sublime text.

/dopusdata\Logs looks like a good start.

Hey thanks!
I checked in just about every directory that has GP software I could not find this folder? Can you tell me where to find it?

It's a path alias. Type or paste it into the location field in Opus and push return.

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You'll see there are a lot more aliases if you just type / in the location field. You can create extra DOpus aliases by going to:

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Folder Aliases


Okay so I found said folder but there does not seem to be a file log and undo log, the two files I am most interested in.

It would be much more ideal for me read these files in a text editor. Is it possible to write a .txt file to the system via a hotkey script or an even script?

You can save the File Log in text or CSV format using the save button at the top left of the File Log panel.

Yh I saw that, it would be ideal if I can automate this though.

Taking a step back, what are you trying to do?