Can the viewer be forced to use a secondary monitor

I'm using a dual monitor setup and I use the viewer in full screen mode. If DO's main window is on the primary monitor the viewer shows images on that monitor also. However, when I move DO's main window to my secondary monitor and maximize it, images are still shown on the primary monitor.

  • is this intended behavior?
  • if so, wouldn't it be a good idea for the viewer to follow the main window?
  • is there a way to force DO to show images on a secondary monitor?

Many thanks,


The viewer will remember its position and re-open in the same place if possible. So if you want it on another monitor just move it there.

Just to add some extra information: this only works if you move the image in window mode to the secondary display and close the window there.

If you first change to full screen mode and then close the image it will return to the primary display.

Thanks for your help