Can 'Thumbnail Slider' stay visible in other view modes?

Status: Evaluation User
OS: Windows XP Tablet
Experience: Newb

In the help manual, I just discovered the "Thumbnail Slider".
But it's only visible when one enters "Thumbnails" view mode.

I'd like the slider to be visible all the time.
Can it stop disappearing, when entering other view modes?

Yes, I know it begs the question: "Why keep it visible in a view mode that doesn't apply?".

But I need all my toolbar buttons visible at all times.
As my intro said, I'm a total newb.
It just makes things easier for me, so that I don't forget about these great features I come across.

Thanks for any help.

In case I got the terminology wrong...

Here's a pic of the toolbar button I'm referring to:

No, it's only available in modes where it does something.

Thanks for the confirmation.

In order to change the thumbnail size of the infotip, the thumbnail slider has to be used. You could go into the preferences dialog and change the thumbnail size manually, but that doesn't seem to be a very practical or convenient option. So it would help quite a lot to have the dynamic thumbnail slider visible at all times so you could change the size of the thumbnails in the infotip on the fly and with ease.

Is that what you really want, or do you just want the infotip-thumbnail size to be independent of the thumbnails-mode-thumbnail size and configurable somewhere in Preferences?

My first choice would be to have the lister thumbnail size and the infotip thumbnail size independent of each other and configurable in the preferences like you mentioned.

But seeing as this isn't an option yet, I figured the next best thing would be to have the thumbnail slider visible at all times. I was surprised to find that it disappeared when in other view modes other than thumbnails view. I'm not quite sure why it was designed that way - it doesn't end up saving toolbar space because the slider area is still "occupied", just looking empty in other view modes. I also find that if you position the slider at the beginning or middle of a toolbar, when it's visible it snaps all your other items to the right (or up/down if toolbar is vertical), and then when not visible snaps everything back to the left. I find this to be disorienting because I can get to a button quickly when I know its exact position on the toolbar, but when the slider changes the position of the buttons I found myself having to look for the button. So in light of this, I just placed the slider at the end of my toolbar so it wouldn't snap everything out of place, but leaves an empty space when not visible with no particular benifit.

So all in all, yes, it would be more helpful to have the infotip thumbnail size independent of the lister thumbnail size. However, I still think it would be great if there was an option to show/hide the thumbnail slider at all times for the previously mentioned reasons.

That all seems fair enough. Worth sending to GPSoftware to see what they think.

Hello everybody, this topic is LOOONG ago, but I had the same request and found a solution: I added a new toolbar (which I named "Dummy") and placed it above my standard-toolbar, where I switch between the different views. I placed the slider on that dummy-toolbar and astonishingly the slider stays visible there, no matter which view I choose.
So long.
And, to everybody: it's SO GREAT, what happens here!

Sorry, failed. At first try it happened at described before, but on second try it didn't. Slider keeps hiding while some other views are chosen. But at last it doesn't kick araund other buttons when placed on the dummy-toolbar...

Making it the last element on the toolbar helps as well.

Putting it before or after a full-width spacer also works great.

Thanks a lot!