Can thumbnails view be set to a column amount and have thumbnails scale to max size relative to that

Basically, what I'm getting at is that in thumbnail view, there is a thumbnail size slider. As you increase the thumbnail size you reach certain thresholds where the number of columns that can be displayed in the window drops by one at a time. So there are multiple thumbnail sizes possible per number of columns currently visible, and perfectly hitting the max thumbnail size for that column count can be difficult with a slider. I also sometimes change the width of the folder tree and viewer pane, so there's not a static thumbnail size that always matches up with the targeted max size per column.

Plus, I also have a 1440p screen and a 1080p screen, so really, there are quite a few interdependent variables here that change often.

What I'm hoping for is a way to easily increment/decrement the column count in the thumbnail view to a different number (3,4,5,6,7, etc) and have the thumbnails be the maximum size per that selection, rather than having to try to hit the sweet spot on the slider.

Is this possible now and I'm just missing how to do it? Is there a script that could accomplish it?

There isn't a way to do that, sorry.

Okay, thank you. Are there any other ways to modify the thumbnail size other than the slider?

The Show THUMBNAILSIZE command can set the size to specific values, or display a list of sizes to choose from:!Documents/Show.htm

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Thank you again! I'll play around with this and see if i can make myself a better solution.