Can toolbar background images be swapped automatically between standard and high DPI screens?

The background image I use on my toolbars is fine on my standard DPI desktop monitor but too small for my liking on my Surface Pro's high DPI display. Is it possible to set high and low DPI variants in a similar way to the way we can with icon packs?

Further clarification: I use the same settings on both my desktop and Surface by importing the settings to the Surface whenever I make a change. I've created icon packs including icons at both scales, so the appropriate scale is automatically selected. I'd love for the same thing to happen with the toolbar images, if possible.

If they're separate computers, the easiest thing might be to have an OnStartup script which renames or copies the images or images folder depending on the computer (or DPI, which scripts can query). Then the same config could use different images on the two machines.

You could do that as a one-off each time you import the config. Or selectively import some config settings and not others (they are all just files, with nothing in the registry to worry about).

I'm probably too lazy to do that. And, to be fair, it's been about four or five years since I set up my DPI-aware icons and I've never thought about the toolbar images before, which shows how much of an impact this has on me. I just figured that DPI awareness was probably something that was already there for the images, or would be on your to-do list to implement in the same sort of way as you've done for the icons.

Thanks for the tip. I'll maybe put it in place when I'm not obsessed by Factorio.