Can we finally script against (and with) mouse events?

Information about the selected files is of course available, and it's all documented in the manual. StartupData is empty because at the moment there's no information that needs to be provided - it's a placeholder object for future development.

If you're holding off purchasing until we add exactly the scripting interface you feel you need you're probably wasting your time, because it's quite unlikely we would do that for an unregistered "evaluator".

If you'd bought the program four years ago and then requested improvements to the scripting interface there's every chance we would have implemented them already, if they weren't already possible. We do that a lot for our registered users, as a browse of the forum would quickly reveal.

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OnClick/ClickData is used in toolbar buttons and hotkeys which run scripts, and is called when the button or hotkey is pushed. It tells you which qualifiers are down, and if you need to know which mouse button was used to activate a toolbar button then there are ways to do that, although it doesn't really make sense for that kind of script to check which mouse button clicked on it; it should be up to the user which commands are assigned to which mouse buttons on a toolbar button, and the script should just run when/what it's told to run. Checking qualifiers makes sense, and is made really easy, so that scripts can react differently to shift+click or similar. (Shift+click runs the same script as a normal click. Right-click runs a completely separate script or command, which could in turn call the main script with added arguments specified by the user.)

OnClick/ClickData is for telling your script that the button or hotkey it is attached to has been invoked, not for tracking arbitrary mouse clicks over any part of the window.

As Jon says, it's empty because there's nothing that needs to go in it. It just tells the script Opus has started, so the script can do things if it needs to. (Most scripts don't need to handle that event at all.) What do you think it is missing exactly?? This seems like complaining for the sake of it now.

@Jon yes, I've been around this forum for years now and have seen how dedicated you guys are. I respect that, quite a lot actually. Even in this thread, you've shown more than necessary for an "evaluation" user, I really feel that. So I'll buy the program and jump straight in with the conversion to it when time allows. To clarify: I'll buy now and start using it when I can afford the time to start migrating from my rather heavily customized Total Commander.

@Leo No, I'm not complaining for the sake of it. It was a legitimate curiosity over the completion of your documentation. I see now the reason why there is nothing in that particular section and I think the answer is satisfactory :slight_smile: .

Anyway, now I'm "legitimately" in the crowd :). Happy to be here and good job for everything so far. Looking forward what you will be doing in the next years. I'm in for the long haul :slight_smile:

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