Can you add a filter button to the user-defined command dialog box?

I am very happy that dopus can add user-defined commands, I added a lot of custom commands. Every time I want to modify a command, I have to look for a long time in the list. Can I add a filter button in the Custom Command dialog box so that I can find the command I want more quickly?

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As mentioned above, in the Custom Toolbar dialog box, the Command tab has a search box

But there is no search box in the User Commands tab

Can you improve it next time?

FWIW, searching in the Commands tab also searches for User Commands. And since your commands have names in Chinese, I highly doubt you'll get any matches for internal commands.

All right, thanks.
Great, I can solve this problem with the input method.

We’ll add a search field to the user commands tab in 13.3.1. Thanks for the suggestion!