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Can you compare files?

I know there's a feature to find and compare text within files, but is there any way to compare files themselves (using CRC32 checksums or some other method)? If any of you have used Total Commander, there's a way to do so in that - which is more or less what I want, but in DOpus. If it isn't possible, does anyone know of any external programs that can do this?

I'm on DOpus 9.5 with Windows XP Home SP3.

Do you mean for synching between two folders? Use Tools -> Synchronize Panel for that.

If you mean you want to compare two arbitrary files, which could be two files in the same directory, to see if they're the same, Opus doesn't have a built-in tool for that. There are a bunch you can integrate into Opus, though.

The most simple (and ugly :slight_smile:) way to get that is to use the "fc" (file compare) command built into windows. It's ugly because the result is shown in a command prompt window. My Diff/Merge Toolbar includes a button which runs fc. (It's the "Bin F" button on the toolbar.)

A better way is to use something like Beyond Compare, which works great with Opus. BC is usually used for diffing text files but it can compare binary files as well. It'll also show you what the differences are (as a hex view), not just whether or not the files are the same.

There are other diffing tools as well but I'm not sure which of them are good for binary files.

That Diff/Merge toolbar looks like what I've been looking for! Thanks.