Can you filter/label folders that have the same name as a folder on a different drive?

I want to label a folder on Drive A if it has the same name as another folder on Drive B.

I was thinking I could make a regex that contains the list of Folder Names on Drive B, but I would have to manually update the regex every time I add a new folder on Drive B.

Filters can refer to script columns, so you could do it that way and have it fully automatic.

If needing it to be automatic isn't vital, you could also use the items in the Edit > Select Other menu to select everything in one folder that exists in the other and then apply labels to those things. You'd need to update that when new folders were made, but it might be easier than editing the regex each time.

Wow! I did not know Edit>Select Other could do that. It worked perfectly.
I still want to give the scripting option a shot. How do I get started with that?

See the three links up at the top right to get started:

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Wow, didn't know that menu above is that helpful, thanks for those shortcuts!