Can you make a toolbar bound to a lister?

I would like to have a toolbar that is bound to the source/dest lister, much like the integrated filter toolbar. I can get the toolbar to dock at the bottom of a lister but can not make it "attach" to that lister. If for example I press F8 my toolbar does not stay stuck to the lister. Is there any way this can be achieved ?


"Lister" means the whole window. "File display" means just the part that shows the files. There's a diagram labelling the different parts of the window in the manual, (Basic Concepts: The Lister (2nd half of the page).

Putting a toolbar at the bottom of the window is easy, but it sounds like you have a dual-file-display window and want a toolbar only at the bottom of the active file display, without it extending left or right into the folder trees or other file display? If so, you can't do that at the moment, sorry.