Can you minimize to the tray?

As the subject line asks, is it possible to set Opus to minimize to the tray instead of to the task bar?


I don't think there's an actual 'Minimize to tray' option in Opus... There's a 'Show Lister "footprint" on Windows taskbar' option which - if disabled, will not show you any placeholder on the taskbar at all (minmized or active)... but it still doesn't appear as a 'tray' menu to let you select from existing open listers. I've submitted a feature request for such a thing...

Thanks. I guess I'll submit it too. It's a minor but key feature for me.

If you only want this occasionally you could save a layout, close all listers, then open it again with the tray. You might be able to auotmate the saving into a single click button. Not sure if it would be a good enough method for frequent use, though.

Interesting idea, but it is something I use all the time, so that would be more effort than it's worth.[/i]

you can do that with Stroke It and the plug-in "Minimize to tray" which allows you to minimize to tray anything you want just in a move

Cool! I never heard of StrokeIt before but now I've found it, installed it and the Minimize plugin, and it works great! I'd still like to DOpus to have this ability natively, so I don't have yet one more process running all the time, but for now it's OK. Thanks for the tip!