Cannot Collapse Group In Lister

I have grouped by file type and the group column looks something like this.


Next to the Group, there is Name column which contains individual files for that group.

There is no way i can see collapsed groups so that I can quickly find out how many files in each group. If I want I can expand a group to find individual file names, I should be able to do so.

For my default lister which shows my PC, it does appear as > before the Name.


How do I get the > to show in the normal folder lister also like in the default lister.

If you add the Group column to the file display it replaces the group headers. If you remove the Group column the headers will come back.

I tried that as I read it in the manual. But it does not seem to be working. Maybe I am doing something incorrectly. See below example. Type is not displayed. But > does not show against Grouped column.

I also tried both ways,

One, while the column is displayed, Group it and remove the column from display after Grouping.

Second, remove the column upfront and use Group By from context menu by selecting More, Columns,Select General->Type column and click on the icon which is enabled and says Group By Column Selected in Left List.

Both give same above result.

You still have the Group column on in your screenshot.

You need to remove the Group column.

You'll then get the normal method of grouping, using headings between groups instead of a column down the side, where groups can be collapsed and expanded.

Make sure Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Add 'Group' column automatically when file display is grouped is turned off as well.

This was causing the problem.