Cannot Copying& Syncing Tags of Folders

I'm now using Dopus on multiple computers (a laptop and two desk PCs), with files synced by Synology NAS. I found the descriptions and tags of folders were unable to sync, while there was no such problem for files. For instance, while I simultaneously added tags and descriptions for a file and a folder, I could immediately see the tag and description of the file on another computer, but not for folders.

While I modified the preference and chose to use "descript.ion" file comments system instead of NTFS comments, I could see the descriptions of folders normally sync now. However, this is not working with Tags.
Is there any way to solve this issue and sync tags for folders?

Ask Synology if there is a way to enable NTFS ADS support on your NAS device. It will work with a Windows network share and any NAS with ADS support (provided it isn’t blocked by permissions), but not all third party NAS implement the full SMB spec.